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The Meuse is without any doubt one of the most beautiful rivers of western Europe. The river takes its source in France, crosses the provinces of Namur and Liège in Belgium, for then throwing itself in the North Sea in the Netherlands.

Center of exchanges since the night of times, industrial river and tragic river, the Meuse is memory of history.
Each curve of this river, dramatic theatre of so many invasions, ambitions, covetousnesses and competitions, had rendez-vous with History.
For a long time, the County of Namur and Principauté of Liège crossed iron there. In this majestic scenery, many castles and fortresses were built. Were added there then: citadels, castles for pleasure and other manor castles.

The Meuse also inspired what one calls Art Mosan in the fields of architecture, the goldsmithery and the work of copper, as well as in the literature, sculpture and painting.

We can perfectly speak about the "Castles of the Meuse", although less known (but not less interesting) than the "Castles of the Loire".

The Meuse bathes, indeed, many centers of interest. To quote only some of them: Verdun, Sedan, Charleville-Mézières and Givet in France; Freÿr, Dinant, Namur, Huy and Liege in Belgium; Maastricht in the Netherlands.

Starting out of Dinant, we push, for you, during a one day excursion, the iron gates of the castles of Vêves, Lavaux-Sainte-Anne, Freÿr and Annevoie; the ruins of Crèvecoeur, Montaigle and Poilvache; as well as the citadels of Dinant and Namur.

Other circuits, in province of Liege for example, are also possible.

Guided tours by coach, destined to small groups, out of Dinant (except otherwise arranged).

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