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Looking for Vauban.

Under Louis XIV, many fortified towns, both in France and in Belgium (and even beyond) were sometimes created, sometimes re-arranged.

Behind all these military constructions, a man: Sebastien Le Prestre (1633-1707). This name doesn't say anything to you ? And if one speaks to you about Vauban, Marshal of France ?

Sebastien Le Prestre, Lord of Vauban, is, without any doubt, the best military engineer of European Modern Times. Serving King Louis XIV, he constituted for the kingdom of France a "iron barrier" made up of tens of fortified towns, forts and citadels on all its borders.

Initially architect and soldier, Vauban was also a humanist: he was interested in religious policy, economy, statistics, the colonies, hydraulics and sciences; always preserving this concern for the human being.

On the whole, Vauban renovated more than 300 old fortified towns and created more than 30 new fortified towns.

The date of March 30, 2007, which marks the 300th anniversary of the death of this famous architect and soldier, inspired us a cultural and touristic excursion, declining Vauban's work.

Six places are concerned in the Upper-Meuse:
- Dinant
- Philippeville
- Mariembourg
- Rocroi
- Givet
- Namur


Our Day Tour
will take us from Dinant to Philippeville (underground galeries). We than cross the border into France for a visit of Rocroi (the little town and its fortifications) and Givet (Fort of Charlemont). We round the day tour off with a visit of Namur (Citadel and underground galeries, Arsenal, ...) before we set off for Dinant.

A one day tour, by coach, with touristic guide, destined to small groups, out of Dinant (except otherwise arranged).

Groups joining Dinant by train can leave by train from Namur at the end of the tour, if they prefer so.

Contact us for further informations !

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