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Tax Free Shopping

Thanks to the tax-free shopping services, which are available in 37 countries around the world, all non-EU shoppers can enjoy a discount on VAT at selected shops showing the "tax free" logo.

The system is as simple as "1-2-3":
1. Refund Cheque
When you make a purchase at any boutique displaying one of the tax-free shopping services, simply ask for a tax-free shopping cheque.
2. Customs Stamp
When leaving the country or the European Union, present your purchases, receipts and passport to Customs Officials, who will validate your tax-free shopping cheques.
3. Refund Office
Show your validated cheques and passport at a Refund Office in the airport for an immediate refund onto your credit card or in cash.
(Bear in mind that Administration Charges do apply)

Please note that tax-free shopping is available only to non-EU residents.
The local regulations for Belgium are:
- the usual VAT (Value Added Tax) rate on goods is 21% (sometimes 6%).
- as a non European Union resident, you are entitled to a VAT refund if you spend a minimum of € 50,01 VAT included (same shop, same day).
- export must be within 3 months after issuing of the cheque.

For more information on the tax-free shopping services, please visit www.premiertaxfree.com.

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