Tourism - The Boot of Givet

The Boot of Givet

Mosan excursion in the Fench Val d'Ardenne

Nuclear Powerplant of Chooz Fort of Charlemont Givet


09:00 Departure from Dinant

09:45 Guided visit of the nuclear powerplant of Chooz
The Site of Chooz has two generations of nuclear plants for the production of electricity:
- Chooz A has a 305 Megawatts capacity, started in 1967, shut down in 1991, and currently being dismantled;
- Chooz B comprises two units with a capacity of 1450 Megawatts each (Chooz B1 started in August 1996 and Chooz B2 in April 1997).
Guided visit of the Information Center, followed by a guided visit by coach and/or feet of the installations.
A unique opprtunity to approach nuclear power and to throw a glance behind the scene of a nuclear powerplant !

13:00 Lunch in a restaurant in Givet

15:00 Guided visit of the Fort of Charlemont in Givet
Last architectural testimony of the art of warfare of the XVIIth century in the north of France. This citadel was built in 1555 by Charles Vth (from whom it bears the name). Louis XIVth seized it in 1678. As from 1680, Vauban made a modern fortified place of it and fortification works extended on both sides of the river Meuse. Numerous combats took place around these fortifications, until finally abandonned. It is only in 1963 that the place recovers its military destination with the accomodation of the first Commando Training Center (Centre d'Entraînement Commando - CEC).
The heights of Charlemont provide a unique point of view from where you will enjoy a "helicopter" view over Givet and the Meuse valley.
This visit by foot requires a minimum of physical condition.

Back in Dinant around 17:00.

17:00 - 18:00 Free time in Givet, with the possibility for a free visit of the European Center of the Trades of Arts (Centre Européen des Métiers d'Art - CEMA) exposing for sale more than 5 000 objects (unique or limited series) created by a hundred european professional craftsmen, as well as local products.
Back in Dinant around 18:30.

Excursion by coach, destined to small groups (minimum 12 people), departing from Dinant (unless otherwise convened).

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