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At the confluent of the Samber and the Meuse

Annevoie MS Meuse Ardenne Citadel of Namur


09:00 Depart from Dinant

09:30 - 10:45 Guided visit of the Gardens of Annevoie
True pearl, where the splendour and the majesty of the French style hormoniously mixes with the English romanticism and Italian refinement.
A walk in the middle of water cascades and fountains, majestic trees, percfectly cut hedges, false caves and statues. Result of the passion of a man who fell in love with the area. A unique place where water has run for 250 years without interruption or any machinery.
Major heritage of Wallonia (two stars in the Michelin guide).

11:15 - 12:30 Walk by foot in the old Namur, from the Grognon to the Arsenal, while passing Saint Gilles, the Halle al'Chair, the belfry, Saint Loup, the Saint Aubin cathedral, ...
Capital of Wallonia, door to the Belgian Ardennes, Namur offers a rare and spectacular environment with its confluence downtown overshadowed by its citadel and fortifications anchored on an impressive rock … The historical center reveals its beautiful residences dating from the 18th century. In all seasons, Namur is also very appreciated for its shopping, refined craft industry, its gastronomy and rich "terroir".

12:30 - 14:00 Lunch in the Arsenal
The Arsenal was built in 1692 by Vauban, celebrated military architect of Louis XIV. It was used in turn as warehouse for weapons, stable for the army and office of the gendarmerie. In 1977, it was acquired by the Notre-Dame of Peace Faculties and entirely restored to become the meeting place between the university and the outside world. Thenafter, it also gradually became an infrastructure for congresses and seminars.

14:00 - 14:45 Free time. Meeting at the Halle al'Chair, for boarding the cruise on the river

15:00 - 16:00 Commented cruise on the Samber and the Meuse.
A pleasant way to discover the innumerable facets of a city in all its contrasts, and its rich architectural heritage.
Depart by coach for the Citadel

16:30 - 17:00 Commented visit of the Citadel, on board the touristic train
The impressive strengthened Terra Nova and Mediane reveal the prestigious past of the site. In the middle of its entrails, under the walls, spreads an incredible network of undergrounds, true buried military base from the 16th till the 20th century.

17:00 Depart for Dinant. Arrival Dinant around 18:00.

17:00 - 18:00 Free visit of the Parfumerie Guy Delforge workshop.
Guy Delforge creates and produces ten complete lines of high-quality perfumes for demanding customers.
18:00 Depart for Dinant. Arrival Dinant around 19:00.

Excursion by coach, destined to small groups (minimum 12 people), from Dinant (unless otherwise convened), from April till September.

Other possibilities:
- A mini-cruise on the Samber and the Meuse by Namourette (July-August) or by Catamosan (May-September). Maximum 11 participants.
- A themed guided visit of the citadel with a dressed up character. The dramatized themes proposed are: the Middle-Ages, Vauban (17th century), King Léopold II (19th century), the citadel defence out of concrete ? (1940). Duration of the visit: 2 hours.

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