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Fiat Ducato Maxi
15 passengers + 1 guide + 1 driver

Fiat Ducato Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato Fiat Ducato Fiat Ducato

The versatility of the Ducato allows to move with ease and comfort all types of passengers, ranging from groups of tourists to managers in suit and tie.
All seats are equipped with head rests, integrated seatbelts and adjustable armrests.
Compartments above you allow to store hand luggage and has vents for the distribution of hot and cold air to ensure ideal comfort on board.
Additional heating and double airconditionning provide ideal comfort on board at all times.
The vehicle is equipped with a platform (footboard) to facilitate the walking in and out of the passengers.
There is no space for luggage, but the vehicle is equipped with a tugball for the luggage trailer.

Our vehicles are equipped with free wifi on board.

wifi gratuit à bord

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