Legislation & Regulations - Your safety
All our seats are equipped with safety belts. For your own safety, and the safety of your fellow travellers, we ask your to fasten your safety belt for the whole trip.
We remind you that this is a legal obligation and that non compliance would engage your personal full, direct and indirect, responsibility.

2. Driver - hostess/steward
The prime mission of the driver is to procure an as much as possible confortable travel, with absolute priority to safety.
He will therefore not be available to serve you during travel.
May we then suggest you the presence of a hostess or steward to provide service (drinks, ...) during travel.

Smoking on board is not allowed. Our seats are therefore not equipped with ashtrays.
Frequent stops will be foreseen in order to allow for smoking.
We hope we can rely on your understanding in this matter.

4. Animals
For reasons of hygiene, animals are not accepted on board.

5. Driving and rest times
Scenic Tours makes it a point of honnor to always respect the legal rules governing professional transport. Your driver is competent and responsible. The coach is new, well maintained and responding to the regulations in force.
You, as client and principal, are also concerned.
Think, for example, to take the regulations in respect of driving times into account when you plan your travel:
- daily driving time of 9 hrs maximum per period of 24 hrs
- uninterrupted driving time of 4hrs30 maximum, followed by a rest time of minimum 3/4 hrs.
Think also to take into account the regulations in respect of rest times:
minimum 11 hours (uninterrupted) per period of 24 hrs in case of one driver; minimum 9 hours (uninterrupted) per driver per period of 30 hrs in case of two drivers.
Furthermore, our speed limitations in Belgium are as follows:
- 90 km/hr: on highways and 2 x 2 lanes outside town boundaries
- 75 km/hr: on the other normal lanes outside town boundaries
- 50 km/h: within town boundaries (with a speedlimit maintained at 75 km/hr on lanes where a higher speedlimit would be authorized, such as for instance 90 km/hr).

Good to know:
Contrary to a generally accepted statement, the coach is by far the safest way to travel by the number of passengers transported. In this respect, ADAC (www.adac.de) writes:
"Reisebusse zählen zu den sichersten Verkehrsmitteln überhaupt. Das Risiko mit Auto oder Motorrad tödlich zu verunglücken ist 62 mal größer als im Bus. Selbst Bahn und Flugzeug, die beide als besonders sichere Transportmittel gelten, haben bei weitem höhere Risiken." (18.06.2003)
Active and passive safety has, of course, changed fundamentally in the course of the last decennium. And the confort for the passengers also did improve a lot.
Today's coaches therefore have nothing in common with their ancestors!

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